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TRAVERSE Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System


The TRAVERSE Series temporary horizontal lifeline offers ideal protection when an overhead anchorage does not exist, allowing up to two workers to tie off in each span. The TRAVERSE HLL provides continuous fall protection for the length of the line. The 42" tall end posts of the system are offset for ease of use, and can be set up to any cable length with a maximum of 60' between posts. Intermediate posts can be outfitted with a pass-thru bracket to allow a connector to continuously run the length of the system. Systems can be assembled in many different lengths, from 10'-360' (in 10' increments). Standard system works on I-beams from 6"-12" wide, and 2 1/4" thick flanges. Options are available for beams up to 36" wide.

Performance Specifications:

Material Specifications:

Single Leg Connection
TRAVERSE Temporary HLL System available in lengths from 10’-360’
Dual Leg Connection
Model Number Description Weight (lbs.)
TRV20S12 20' system (6"-12" wide base) 93.9
TRV30S12 30' system (6"-12" wide base) 94.5
TRV40S12 40' system (6"-12" wide base) 95.1
TRV50S12 50' system (6"-12" wide base) 95.7
TRV60S12 60' system (6"-12" wide base) 99.5
TRV120S12 120' system (6"-12" wide base) 153
TRV-S12 stanchion for 6"-12" wide base 36
TRV-S18 stanchion for 12"-18" wide base 37
TRV-S24 stanchion for 18"-24" wide base 38
TRV-S36 stanchion for 24"-36" wide base 40
TRV-PASS bypass/pass thru bracket 2

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