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U-RES-Q: Shock Absorbing Lanyard & Rescue Ladder


The U-RES-Q is available as an option to many FrenchCreek shock absorbing lanyards. A standard shock absorbing lanyard may save you in the event of a fall, but remaining suspended after the fall is another problem all together. It is common knowledge in the fall protection industry that every minute in suspension, after a fall, is extremely crucial! If even the slightest of falls should happen to occur, the light-weight pouch releases into rescue mode by automatically ejecting a high strength, 16' synthetic rescue ladder! At that point the worker can climb back to the work platform, or simply stand on the ladder to relieve pressure, increase blood flow, and ensure enough time for emergency response. The U-RES-Q is the most reliable, most secure product in alleviating Suspension Trauma. It relieves the leg harness tension caused by suspension, & is an option you can't afford to be without!

The U-RES-Q is to be used in conjunction with a full body harness and a complete fall prevention/rescue program. It is also available as an 'add-on' option that can be utilized in-line with any standard shock absorbing lanyard and anchor point. To order "Z SERIES" compatible products (that meet ANSI Z359.1-2007), simply add a 'Z' to the end of the product # in which you are ordering.

What is Suspension Trauma?

Suspension Trauma or Orthostatic Intolerance is a condition that can occur when an individual remains suspended, even for short amounts of time. Suspension in a harness can restrict the blood flow through the veins in the legs, causing the blood to pool, and slowing the flow to all major organs, including the brain, resulting in unconsciousness. If the harness tension is not relieved, and the individual is not rescued in a timely manner, serious injury or death may occur.

Please inquire for more lanyards offering the U-RES-Q, that may not be listed or shown.

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Available in Z-Series - To meet ANSI Z359.1-2007 add a 'Z' to the product #.

To order "Z SERIES" compatible products,
simply add a 'Z' to the end of the product number in which you are ordering.

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