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'Lanchor" Lanyards - tie-back, lanyard & anchor, all in one

Lanchor - Lanyard & Anchor All In OneLanchor and Locking Snap
Lanyard & Anchor All In One.
Tie-back with your lanyard!

Constructed of double layered webbing to meet extreme specifications, the 'Lanchor Series' lanyards are designed to tie back onto themselves, providing an extremely accommodating and adaptable means of anchoring - when other equipment or options may not be available. The "double-tuff" synthetic webbing is constructed with contrasting colors which acts as a wear indicator. If your lanchor ever becomes worn to the point that you can see the inside webbing (as shown), remove it from service immediately. The super-strong Lanchor snap hook (5K, 3.6K Gate) already meets the ANSI Z359.1-2007 standard, however, if you need the connecting snap to meet the standard as well, you will need to order a "Z SERIES" Lanchor by adding a 'Z' to the end of the product #'s below.

If you need a tie-off strap and a lanyard all in one, then the Lanchor is what you are looking for! Please inquire for lengths other than the standard 6'.

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LanchorLanchor Double Layer Webbing
Double-Tuff Webbing

All FrenchCreek tie-back lanyards have DOUBLE-TUFF Webbing with wear indicating color contrasts. If you ever see the second internal layer, immediately remove the lanyard from service!

Available in Z-Series - To meet ANSI Z359.1-2007 add a 'Z' to the product #.

To order "Z SERIES" compatible products,
simply add a 'Z' to the end of the product number in which you are ordering.

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