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A Full Line of 'ANSI Z359' Compliant Products

If the NEW Standards in Fall Protection Affect YOU... FrenchCreek Production has you covered!
Z-Series Hardware
Stronger Gate Strengths:

One of the major updates to the Z359.1 Standard is the new Gate Strength requirements, which requires snap hooks and carabiners meet the following conditions:

The Difference IS FrenchCreek Production

The new ANSI Z359 Standard went into effect on October 15, 2007. It's another change for the Fall Protection Industry and for some of the companies & users of Fall Protection Equipment. It is NOT a big deal for FCP! FrenchCreek Production will help you comply with the new ANSI Standard by offering an additional, ALL NEW Product Line called the "Z SERIES." The "Z SERIES" line of Fall Protection and Rescue/Recovery Products will cover ALL equipment in which a snap hook is present, regardless of application. If your equipment needs to comply to the newest ANSI Z359 Standard, then simply add a 'Z' to the end of the FCP product # in which you are ordering! Contact FCP's consultation experts Toll Free at 877-228-9327, for a more entailed review of the standard, and how it may apply to your company. Because Your Life Is On The Line!

All "Z SERIES." Hardware is shown here.

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