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Rope Grabs - Rope and Wire Rope

FrenchCreek offers a comprehensive line of durable, user friendly rope grabs & wire rope grabs. (Lifelines can be purchased seperately, and are shown here.) The grabs are available in two different styles:

Manual Rope grab:

Worker manually slides the device to the desired position on the rope and releases it, locking it on the lifeline and providing the worker with fall protection. Great for sloped roofs because they lock in place once positioned.

Trailing Rope grab:

Little or no user positioning needed. Trailing grabs move up and down the lifeline with the worker, locking only when a fall occurs.

FrenchCreek strongly recommends that lanyard length not exceed 3' when in use with a rope grab. This aids OSHA compliance and helps to reduce free-fall distances.

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Rope Grabs:

Wire Rope Grabs:

Available in Z-Series - To meet ANSI Z359.1-2007 add a 'Z' to the product #.

To order "Z SERIES" compatible products,
simply add a 'Z' to the end of the product number in which you are ordering.

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