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“The TRACKER”/Worker Scan RFID System

The TrackerThe Tracker
3rd Generation RFID Tracking System for tracking Information, Inventory, Inspections, & OSHA records!

FrenchCreek’s TRACKER technology, in conjunction with WorkerScan, is designed to simplify and maximize management capabilities for Construction Sites, Manufacturing Plants, Oil Rigs, and any other situation that demands permanent positive identification, tracking, and record keeping! The system will improve your company's ability to keep up-to-date records, compliance assurance, increased productivity, decreased theft, less down time during inspections, and more.


is a flexible tool for documentation and reporting of equipment and other assets. Once an asset is entered into the system, you have the ability to attach and create safety inspection checklists and run through them when renewing the inspection on a piece of equipment. You can assign equipment to workers or to a jobsite, providing accountability.

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